Restoring God's America

A Simple Plan to Heal the Nation!

For the last 100 years our traditional Judeo/Christian values have been slowly and methodically eroded to the point that our Founding Fathers’ vision for “One Nation Under God” is hardly recognizable. Prayer has been removed from our schools, the Ten Commandments have been removed from our courtrooms and most importantly God has been removed as the head of our households. We are on a rapid descent into a Godless society where massive Government replaces religion in the lives of everyday Americans.

However, we believe that the main reason for this moral decay is because “We The People” have veered away from the Godly principles this country was founded on.

It’s America’s men that have lost their own integrity and morals throughout the decades and have set an ungodly, poor example to their children and families. In order to turn this country around and begin the process of healing this Nation, we must first turn its men around and begin to heal them.

THE FIRST HOUR for Men is a simple, effective tool that is making a major impact in the process of restoring America back to “One Nation Under God.”

THE FIRST HOUR is uniting Godly men in America to become prayer warriors that are committing to changing themselves, their family and ultimately this nation through prayer and a pledge to their patriotic duty. Our Goal:

Heal the Man… Heal the Family… Heal the Nation!

Heal the Man

We must first bring America’s men back to a closer “Daily Relationship” with God. The evil forces that are destroying this Nation are a direct result of men, the head of the household, living in disobedience and ignoring God’s Commandments. Without the men in this country first changing themselves, the family does not stand a chance and America is destined for continued destruction. “The First Hour” has been the catalyst to launch this initiative. “The First Hour” for Men, is accomplishing the goal of restoring the man back to a closer daily relationship with God. Our goal is to distribute One Million free copies throughout the U.S. by the end of 2024. To date, over 400,000 books have been shipped to men across the Nation.

We Encourage These Men To Make Three Commitments.

First – Commit to completing the 30-day program. The First Hour is a comprehensive prayer book and study guide designed to restore a man’s relationship with God. Hundreds of testimonies have come in, and miracles are happening in the lives of men and their families who are committing to and completing the 30-day study.

Second – Commit to all 7 steps of The First Hour program, which can result in dramatic changes in all areas of their life.

Third – Commit to share this program with four other men. Each man will commit to give away four books, two books to fellow believers to keep the momentum going, and two books to men that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is creating a grass roots movement throughout the nation and inspiring a movement of the Holy Spirit that we believe will make a difference for generations to come.

Heal the Family

Once the Man turns back to a solid “Daily Relationship” with God and returns to his role as the spiritual head of the household, he will then consciously and unconsciously begin to set a positive, Godly example for his family to follow. The restoration of the “Traditional American Family” is the key to restoring our Founding Fathers’ dream of a government that is “Of the People, By the People and For the People,” under the direction of God.

Heal the Nation

With millions of men praying each morning, we can begin the process of changing this Nation back into the God-fearing, traditional value system that our Founding Fathers’ designed.

To continue to advance our mission, we will encourage all The First Hour partners and their families to make a “Solid Commitment” to their “Patriotic Duty” and vote. We will call on them to Vote in every single election from here on out. From the county school boards, to the local judges, the mayor, the Governor and every single local, state and National election. No matter what their political party affiliation, we must vote for the candidates who respect the Constitution and the Godly Principles upon which this great Nation was founded on.

We will encourage and challenge every man in this Nation to get back to a closer daily relationship with God. We will challenge them to become the spiritual leader of their homes, and we will challenge them to become the man, the father and the husband that God intended them to be. We will challenge them to rise up and vote for the Godly politicians that share the same moral principles and values that they do.

And lastly, we will challenge them to share the message of salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We all need to join together and do our part in the great commission. With God’s help and your commitment, America can return to “One Nation Under God.”

God Bless You… And God Bless America!