Auto-Ship Policy

Outreach Partner Autoship Program Participants agree to the following General Terms & Conditions:

1. Sign-up

Participant is voluntarily choosing to participate in this Outreach Partner Autoship Program.

2. Payment

Participant authorizes the Company to establish an automatic credit card debit arrangement as specified in the Outreach Partner Autoship Program.

Participant expressly authorizes the Company to automatically charge Participant’s credit card for each Outreach Partner Autoship Program order plus shipping, handling, and applicable sales tax. Credit cards may be charged up to seven (5) days prior to the shipment date of the next order cycle.

The Outreach Partner Autoship Program is only available to Participants in the United States.

3. Modifications

Participant may modify, manage and/or cancel his/her Outreach Partner Autoship Program by logging on to his/her account on website.

Prelude Publishing will continue to ship books unless Participant modifies, changes or cancels his/her order online at least 3 days before the next scheduled order date or change instructions are received in writing by Prelude Publishing.

Preluded Publishing reserves the right to amend the Outreach Partner Autoship Program requirements at its sole discretion by posting a notice on its website at least 30 days before going into effect.