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The First Hour

Restoring God's America!

If You Heal The Man... He Will Heal His Family...
The Family Will Heal The Nation!

The Book That Is Sweeping The Nation!

The First Hour for Men

Men's lives all across the Nation are being "Radically Transformed" through The First Hour for Men 30-day program. Miracles are happening in the lives of men who are earnestly seeking God and spending their first hour with Him Daily!

The Bible tells us that God wants to bless our lives in ways that we cannot imagine. He wants to fulfill "His Dream" for our lives. So many times we miss God's best because we don't give Him the opportunity to guide and direct us on a Daily Basis.

This unique and simple 30-day study guide instructs men how to pray, what to pray for, how to spiritually guard and protect themselves and their families, and a simple guide to help them plan and measure their time with God. Giving God the opportunity to fulfill His Dream for our lives is what The First Hour is all about! THE FIRST HOUR will help transform your life and the lives of those around you.

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A Simple Plan To Heal The Nation

Join the first hour movement and help us reach "One Million" men by the end of 2019!

If we all join together and do our part in the great commission, we can begin to heal this nation. United in God we stand, divided from Him we fall. With God’s help and our commitment, America can return to "One Nation Under God."

The First Hour Mission


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