The least of these. How is it that God would use a TV show with a movie producer to reach out to a Semi retired boat mechanic on the side of a mountain in Gales creek Oregon? But he did. I’m on day 28 of the first hour and as they say it’s been just what the DR ordered.  As a 62-year old and accepting the Lord into my life in 1988, The First Hour book has been “wake up call” for me. After the first week reading the First Hour, Mark had a message of those that could buy a case of books. I had just received my “Free book” should I buy a case? God spoke to my spirit, if you just spent $350.00 on a Ping Driver, you can surely buy a case of books to share my word with other lost men, or as I call these books, a case of “Priceless Eternal Seeds” Amazing Grace! Mark I thank God that he used you to reach out to this 62-year old semi-retired stuttering mechanic so I can reach out to those that God puts in my path. My motto has always been, “Every Day is  a Gift”. Now more than ever “The First Hour” each morning with my Father is my gift. Thank you Mark!